• Civil Engineering
    • Projects, studies and planning
    • Works management and technical assistance
    • General guidance
    • Topography and cartography
    • Occupational health and safety
    • Fields
      • Transport infrastructures
        • Highways and motorways
        • Conventional railway and high speed
        • Undergrounds and light trains
      • Hydraulic works and sanitary engineering
        • Water supply
        • Sewerage pipes
        • Water treatment plants
        • Desalination
        • Reservoir
        • Stations of drinking water treatment
        • ETAPS
      • Environment.
        • Environment projects and studies
        • Hydrological planning
        • Canalization and river studies
        • Channels and irrigation
        • Maritime works
        • Solid waste treatment
        • Hydroelectric infrastructures
      • Urban planning, planning and transport
        • General planning
        • Partial planning
        • Detailed studies
        • Urban parcelling
        • Urbanization projects
        • Infrastructures plans
        • Transport plans
      • Structures, tunnels and geotechnical projects
        • Bridges and viaducts
        • Cut-and-cover tunnels
        • Conventional tunnels
        • Factory structures
        • Singular buildings structures
        • Stabilization projects
        • Geotechnical actions, underpinning and drainages
      • Energy.
        • Stations of charger for electric cars
        • Energetic efficiency
        • PV facilities
  • Edification.
    • Projects
    • Construction management
    • Structural calculations
    • Instalations calculations
    • ACT Program.
      • We develop alternative studies in which interesting artistic and structural solutions include the introduction of new technologies and materials

We draft projects in the application of our products is included.


Can you imagine keep the quality of his work in real time from a PDA or self-contained? We are become the quality plan or reception of the work in a dynamic digital system documentation and quality control before the start of construction or the beginning of the same. The software allows access to each unit of work, its structure, tests, nonconformity, etc … as well as document management (reports, communications via e-mail, etc …). You can prepare for construction companies or Technical Assistance.



We draw up feasibility studies for infrastructure including the development of alternative studies, economic feasibility studies and analysis of management alternatives. Management agreements are investment companies and offers preparation.


We promote the development of new products that meet the following criteria:

  • Non existing product in the market
  • It provides a social purpose
  • That can be distributed via marketing
ACTISA sells exciting products resulting from research projects. For information on these refer to the section technological products. To purchase some of our products, go to shopping section, or contact our sales and product distribution companies.
  • General consultancy
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business plans based on R  & D
  • Management of intellectual property
  • Outsourcing of new products
ACTISA builds and controls the prototypes developed in each of the research studies promoted. Likewise ACTISA builds and controls the civil and architectural work that includes the introduction of the products it sells. ACTISA certifies to third parties so that they can execute the construction of civil engineering or architecture in which new products that promotes inclusion.


ACTISA way individuals, construction companies or consultants enabled the application of our products.
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May 2020. -.ACTISA presents TADIL software to various companies in the context of the INNOWWIDE program and announces new application functionalities based on artificial intelligence

September 2019. -.ACTISA presents in the cluster of sustainable construction with Diputación de Granada the results of the FINAICONST project.

November 6, 2015.ACTISA close trade agreement in China for representation TADIL And DITEL software.

November 2-9, 2015. ACTISA starts a commercial campaign in China with participation in the EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation Fair X Qingdao.

October 31, 2015. ACTISA participates in the Third Conference on New Challenges in Engineering (ETSICCP UGR).

October 7-8, 2015. ACTISA participates in Greencities & Sustainability Event at the Palace of Congresses of Malaga.

September 30, 2015. ACTISA participates in the Information Day on the SME instrument promoted by the Andalusian Agency IDEA Knowledge and Technology Park in Andalusia (Malaga). Link noticia1, Link noticia2, Link noticia3, Link noticia4, Link noticia5, Link noticia6

September 22, 2015. ACTISA participates in the second edition of Alhambra Venture Event.

July 7, 2015. ACTISA interview on Radio Plus Euranet on GME Project.Link noticia

June 23, 2015. ACTISA participates in finodex networking event in Trento, Italy.


May 14, 2015. ACTISA presents the TADIL Software at the Polytechnic School of Linares (Jaen) .

May 10, 2015. ACTISA participates in Tierra y Mar in Canal Sur program.Link noticia

May 4, 2015. ACTISA is selected for Phase 3 of FINODEX.

May 1-3, 2015. ACTISA participates in the Fiware Boot Camp in Berlin.Link noticia

April 14, 2015. Start the first course of TADIL Software in ETSICCP Granada.

March 21, 2015. ACTISA Interview in Onda Cero program held at the Municipal Library of La Zubia.

March 20, 2015.

February 26, 2015. ACTISA is selected to compete in the program FINODEX.

December 10, 2014. ACTISA presents TADIL software in Highway School in Granada
enlace noticia

November 28, 2014. The removable pavement acquires EDECON seal.

November 28, 2014. ACTISA acquires industrial plot in the metropolitan polygon in Granada.

November 27, 2014. ACTISA participates in the Alhambra Venture Event.

November 17, 2014.ACTISA is selected for Venture Alhambra Event.

November 10, 2014. ACTISA firm technology transfer contract for the construction of a wall with 260 refillable drawers, (Patente P201230914).

November 5, 2014. ACTISA presents "the technical fundamentals of Finaiconst Project" in Provincial Council. View Downloads. Link Radiogranada
Link Diputación Granada

October 17, 2015. ACTISA develops the conference "Experiences of R & D in ACTISA" in the Polytechnic School of the University of Granada, where the challenges of the civil engineer are analyzed in the new socio-economic context, from the perspective of innovation. The major projects undertaken by the company in recent years as well as those currently being undertaken are also described.

July 1, 2014.The July 1, 2011, ACTISA began his professional career with its participation in the EPD Project. In these three years the company has developed interesting consultancy work in the field of innovation and advanced consulting services. At present the company is facing new challenges, among which the start of the business of the results of the projects carried out.

July 1, 2014. ACTISA celebrates three years of occupation in Brussels, the heart of Europe, in the context of their professional activity.

May 13, 2014. ACTISA participates in the symposium Internet Opportunity environments of the future Smart Cities.

April 15, 2014. ACTISA joined the Granada Plaza Tecnológica Association.

April 2-3, 2014.ACTISA participating in the Mission for Growth of Seville and held meetings with thirteen agencies and cluster of seven different countries.

March 27, 2014. The Electrolinera of Zubia receives the Progress Award.

March 4, 2014. ACTISA negotiates Software TADIL representation in Morocco.

March 4, 2014. ACTISA participates in the meeting between Spanish and Moroccan businessmen in Tetouan, held on March 4, in the Innomercamed program.

February 24, 2014.ACTISA reinforces its R&D and international development with the hiring of Civil Engineer, Tomas Quesada.

January 16, 2014. ACTISA participates in training sessions and performances municipalities group entities to the electric vehicle.

Dicember 13, 2013. ACTISA participated with a stand on the Day of the Entrepreneur held in the Renaissance Hotel Sevilla on Friday December 13.

Dicember 11, 2013. ACTISA part in the meeting efficient vehicles II. Sustainable mobility.

November 27, 2013.ACTISA participate in the Workshop on Renewable Energies Spain-Morocco and made a presentation on the state of the renewable industry in two countries. It also has experience in the Eco-sustainable urbanization Adjir with solar tile job.

November 11, 2013. ACTISA presents the FOWI model (Working Operating Fleet Increase) for optimizing bus fleets assigned to public transport lines.

October 24, 2013.I Provincial Entrepreneurship Award Andalucia Emprende.
enlace noticia

October 18, 2013.Opening Electrolinera in La Zubia.

enlace noticia prensa_1
enlace noticia prensa_2

October 9, 2013. Presentation at the Andalusian Government of TADIL Software.

August 2013.ACTISA starts selling the Software TADIL. The first Artificial Intelligence software in Civil Engineering.

JULY 2013. The first public car charging station is open in the Province of Granada. It was promoted by the Economic Interest Group EPD with the participation of ACTISA.

AUGUST 2013. Software TADIL for sale. The first artificial intelligent software for Civil engineering desing.

NEXT. Public presentation of Software TADIL.


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